Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I struggle with the desire to be a genuine soul.
I want to present myself as myself
No filters, no bullshit, no guessing
I think that I am even keeled to people upon a first or even second meeting
I don't like to be judgemental
But sometimes the actions of other people trigger that urge in me
I won't judge you on your beliefs
They make up who you are and how you view the world
When you consciously choose to harm another person, I take issue with that
When you are purposefully mean, I don't understand it or see the purpose in it
Then there are the people who offer bull to your face and smack-talk behind your back
There are people who look for an excuse outside of themselves to hide behind the fact that they have no motivation or drive or urge to do anything
I have seen people overcome significant disability and illness to accomplish many things (some great, some average) and yet there are people who will take a minor setback or negative mindset and build their entire world around that and get no where
I don't want the world to pass me by
I want to be a part of it
I want to look at nature and buildings and feats of engineering and feats of thousands of years of evolution and be amazed, humbled and educated by it
I want to hear music, I want to look at creative expressions, I want to dance and feel
I want people to get the things that they need to survive
I want people to have the opportunity to get what they need
I want to be the voice for the voiceless
I want to advocate for those that don't know how
I am just one person, I can only do so much, I can only handle so much
There are days where I wonder how I can get up and do it
And I think of the people who truly CAN'T
I think of the people I've lost that can no longer get up and "do it"
I remember that I am healthy, relatively sane, and have compassion for my fellow travelers on this big blue marble
And I get up out of bed, and start the day a-new

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