Monday, May 27, 2013

Road Trippin'

I am reminded of the RHCP song:
"Road trippin' with my two favorite allies.."

Well, they may not be two of my favorite allies. One of them is, the other is his brother, and I can deal with that.

Since we had a day off, I headed out with my favorite beer buddy to a brew-pub, in the southern suburbs of Chicago. We had plans to hit up Three Floyds in Munster, but they were closed. So it was Flossmoor Station and then off to Crown Point IN to Crown Brewing.

Flossmoor didn't disappoint. They had a good selection, and of course, it was Big Beer Monday so you could get 20 oz pours for the cost of a 16. But Judy chooses 12oz pours and therefore cannot take advantage. Sometimes, I'm not the brightest.

Had a mycetes, a mushroom abbey. Wasn't too bad. A little sweet. Nice color. I'm glad I tried it. The other was a Begian dubbel. It had a nice punch and didn't come off too strong but did pack a whallop on the back end.

Crown is always a gem. They do not sell much outside of Crown Point, so the trip is worth it, because I do not get to enjoy their brews unless I trek out to them. And I bring back a Growler to enjoy when I get home.

I wanted the Alkoholika ale, but they were dry. So, I had a bock and a double IPA. Both, of course, in 12oz tulip pours. What is my PROBLEM?! I choose these precious beers!

Oh well. Brought some Crown Brown Ale home to imbibe in while I watch the Blackhawks (hopefully) smash the Red Wings.

Who's signing up for the next road-trip?!?

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