Friday, May 24, 2013

Some days I wonder if I've got "it" in me.

I wonder if what others see in me is actually "in" me.

I have proven that I can be "reactionary" but I have prided myself on NOT being so knee-jerk in my reactions/responses. I will still follow protocol, but I will question the logic of the protocol.

When I actually stand behind a "rule" then there is some merit to it. I don't follow blindly. I don't enforce without knowing the logic behind it.

Listen, if you want the responsibility that I have? TAKE IT!!! I will gladly hand over what has been foist upon my shoulders. Take the daily stress and the need to complete a report by the eleventh of the month. Take it. I will gladly hand it over to you. Problem is??? YOU can't handle what is already on your plate and your coworkers have to swoop in and rescue you because you can't get to your assigned duties. And you want to take on MORE?!!


I guess I have "it" in me more than I realize.

I wish I could believe it.

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